What we do at Dentrecruit.

(All the recruitment support you need, and the help that you didn’t know you needed.)

The bigger picture – bringing best practice to your practice

We can help small or independent dental practices with end-to-end recruitment and a whole lot more:

  • Writing job descriptions (in line with those CQC regulations you’d rather not have to worry about)
  • Posting jobs on job boards and then waiting for that torrent of applications
  • CV review and sifting to a ridiculously high standard – we won’t send any clowns to your inbox (no offence to clowns of course!)
  • Briefing candidates on how brilliant you are and why they should work with you
  • Telephone interviews to ensure everyone you meet will be right up your street
  • Organising face to face interviews – because we know you’d rather be drilling and filling than filling your diary
  • Compliance checks to ensure there’s no skeletons in the closet
  • Offer management – all things money related from beginning to end

How We Work

Dentrecruit tries to offer something a bit different to the traditional recruitment agency approach. The trouble is, how do we tell you exactly what that is?

For any recruitment agency ours it’s easy to take a brief, post a job advert and send a number of candidates along for an interview. Rather like a production line for eager people wanting work. And of course it would be easy for us to operate in that way. You tell us what you’re looking for – we find it. Job done.

But where’s the partnership in that? Where’s the collaboration, the learning, and the sense of gratification that exactly the right person hopped off that production line and ended up in your company, happily ever after?

Pre DentRecruit

Imagine for a moment you have a vacancy for a Dental Nurse. You complete our online form and provide us with some basic information about what skills and experience the right candidate needs, we respond with a price and go ahead and post a job advert that you have provided onto the same job boards that everyone else in the industry is using. In the meantime, you’ve contacted a number of other recruitment agencies – because who wouldn’t, right? Each of these agencies add their roles to the job boards and everything quickly becomes a matter of timings and volume.

Dental Nurses apply thick and fast, and it’s a race between agency gets the best candidate to you the fastest in order to secure their fee. So far, so grim.

You’re inundated with calls from eager recruiters who are keen to sell you the best candidate and ultimately you select 6 to interview. Some hit the spot, some down – and go make an offer to the best of the bunch. At this point the inevitable money dance commences, with the candidate asking for a little more than you’re prepared to pay. He or she drops out, you make an offer to the second best candidate who joins your business but leaves after two years for something more suitable.

You’re back to square one. You have a vacancy. Maybe you call Dentrecruit. Maybe you don’t.

Now let’s go back to the start of the process and try again.

Post DentRecruit

You need a Dental Nurse. You’ve previously completed our online form and told us a little about your business. You’ve met us at a networking event or two, and we’ve had a more detailed chat where we’ve taken a brief and learned about your business culture and the type of people who could fit perfectly into your organisation.

You contact us and ask if we can work together to draw up a perfect job description that lists the skills, attributes and experience needed in order to be successful in the role. But there’s no need: Dentrecruit is aware of the ideal candidate who has just finished a contract and is looking to start work within the next 4 weeks. We’re already aware that he or she is looking for the same salary that you would be prepared to pay.

You meet and get on like a house on fire. The deal is done.

In 6 months time, you have a requirement for a Receptionist. You call Dentrecruit – because we are an integral part of your organisations’ recruitment team and we know your business from the inside out.

“I setup DentRecruit to specifically cater for the independent dental practice owner or practice manager, who needed an experienced partner to support them with all their recruitment needs. Prior to setting up DentRecruit I had informally supported a number of friends and family within the dental industry who had been let down by  dental recruiters and also their own recruitment processes, which were often non existent.

Every client should know they deal with me, and only me, as with my 10 years of recruitment and headhunting experience they can guarantee that inexperience will never let them down again.”

Sanjay Aggarwal, Director

Meet Our Team

We are the only team with just an ‘I’ in.



I am an an experienced Executive Search and Recruitment specialist with over 10 years experience. My key focus is working in a true consultancy capacity, but also working in an ethical way making sure I add value to all stages of the recruitment process.

I pride myself on maintaining long term relationships with my clients, and provide an open, honest and personal service for each client and job seeker.

What I offer:

  • Over 10 years specialist experience in recruitment
  • The ability to quickly get to the heart of your business by asking the right questions
  • A selective approach to candidates – I uphold the highest standards on your behalf, meaning that only the best candidates will reach your inbox
  • The ability to say ‘no’. If I don’t feel I am the best person to help you, I will say so and promptly refer you to someone suitable within my extensive industry network
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