Dentists. Managers. Receptionists. Nurses. Hygienists. Therapists. From £360 (including that VAT we all hate)
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It doesn’t have to be like looking for a pearly white in a snowstorm.

It’s simple: just let us do the searching.

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In short, our business approach is all about you.

Where do you want to go?

What are you trying to achieve? And what sort of people can help get you there?

The result?

We help to take the stress out of recruitment whilst also helping you to drive your business forwards.

What do we do? And how do we do it?

  • Understand your requirements

  • Optimise & advertise your specification

  • Create a Shortlist

  • Manage interviews

  • Offer Management

Words from Awesome Clients

  • When I suddenly found myself in a bit of a pickle with needing a dentist urgently I contacted Dentrecruit to help me out. Having previously recruited on my own, the nightmare of sifting through several hundred applications,  did not sit very comfortably with me, all this at a specially busy time within our practice. Sanjay seeks to understands the needs of the individual Dental Practice. For me he provided high quality candidates on both a permanent and temporary basis. He constantly delivers an excellent service and copes with unique demands, often at short notice, but always with a refreshingly good sense of humour and a no-nonsense ‘we’ll sort it’ approach. Sanjay’s unique and incisive skills in sifting through the applicants and sorting the ones that matched our skills needs, initially interviewing them to assess short-listing was a particular winner with me. His knowledge and preparation prior to the interviews was exactly what I needed to make a quick and informed decision. All the background work related to the applicants and later with the successful applicants was a bonus for me. Dentrecruit are incredibly receptive to feedback and now I trust them implicitly to know exactly what I am after in terms of skill sets and personality. Sanjay is a pleasure to deal with and he absolutely takes the hassle out of the recruitment process!

    Dr Harish Gupta
    Dr Harish GuptaPrincipal – Six Ways Dental Practice
  • I have worked with Sanjay for approximately 18 months and over this period he has provided valuable recruitment advice, support and staffing to our private practice. We have gained two permanent members of staff via Sanjay and several part time staff and I am pleased to say that he has delivered a first class service every time. Sanjay ensures that individual needs are met and spends a lot of time interviewing and researching the potential candidates in order to ensure that a good ‘match’ between dental professional and practice is made. Dentrecruit appears to be at the forefront of the recruitment selection in the UK dental market and, as such, Sanjay represents candidates of a high calibre and skill level. I would not hesitate in recommending Sanjay. He is always willing to help and is passionate about finding the right person for the right practice

    Lindsey Edwards
    Lindsey EdwardsPractice Manager – The Priors Dental Practice
  • Dentrecruit have provided my practice with a very professional and prompt recruitment service on a number of occasions now. I had never used an outside consultancy to help me with my practice recruitment issues in the past. On first meeting Sanjay he carried out a full assessment of my recruitment process and diligently pointed out where I had been potentially going wrong and how this may have impacted on getting the right talent within my team. He was very honest and professional from the word go, took the time to understand me and my business, and was quickly able to lay down the foundations for creating a sound recruitment process that was compliant with CQC. Within 12 months I have found some brilliant team members at the practice and he also made some great introductions to specialists in his network who have gone on to help me with all my marketing. Sanjay and DentRecruit are simply great connections to have in the dental industry.

    Dr Nimit Jain
    Dr Nimit JainPrincipal – Aldridge Dental Practice
  • My experience with Dentrecruit has been refreshing.  It is sometimes easy to forget the role that key partners play in the success of Dental Practices.
    I would like to thank Dentrecruit for their unfaltering professionalism & their dedication to finding the right personnel when all else has failed. I I have encountered many other agencies that have not lived up to their promises and as such my view of recruitment agencies was very negative before encountering yourselves. The continuity and standard of staff that you have supplied has been excellent along with your HR  assistance which has been very much appreciated.
    I look forward to a long standing relationship

    Hayley Irons
    Hayley IronsDental Marketing Consultant
  • I have known Sanjay from Dentrecruit for several years now, and can honestly say that his level of professional and prompt recruitment service is one of the best that I have come across in my dental career.  He has assisted me on a number of occasions now and all candidates have been very successful.  The whole process of recruitment with Sanjay is definitely headache free and we can all rely on him to give accurate feedback and fulfill the vacancies in a timely manner. Sanjay carried out a full assessment of our  recruitment needs for our company and planned out exactly which roles and candidates would best fit in our business which released a lot of pressure for us to continue running our business. He is a very honest and professional individual who will take time out to understand you and your business needs and makes the whole process very easy to follow.  He is also very accommodating and will work around your business and times that suit you best.  I definitely recommend you contact Sanjay as I found him to be an expert for delivering the level of recruitment we required as a large growing business and can happily say we still rely on his services.

    Manjit Jutla
    Manjit JutlaPR Director – Glenys Bridges Practice Pathways
  • I have worked closely with Dentrecruit over the last 12 months. During my many practice visits I often get approached about recruitment, and I often get asked if I know any good dental care professionals, receptionists and practice managers.This is when I rely on Sanjay to find me the best possible candidate. Sanjay is excellent at finding the exact candidate for the role through his professional and calm work ethics. Nothing is a problem for Sanjay, and what I like most is he is very reliable and he will respond to your questions in very good time. This is critical for me and my clients who are all busy dental practices. I highly recommend you use Sanjay and Dentrecruit or all your recruitment needs, he has never let me down.

    Stacey Firman
    Stacey FirmanCQC & Dental Compliance Expert – Boulevard Practice Management

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